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abbGrowers sorting & packing

Sorting and packing blueberries and asparagus is the core business of abbGrowers. The latest machinery is used and innovative technological developments in the field of sorting and packaging are closely monitored, in order to respond to the desire of the customer and to ensure high quality shelf life.

Traceability of products, inside and outside the company, is ensured. Quality standards stipulated in BRC and HACCP certifications are reflected throughout the company, so that key players in the retail market at home and abroad can be assured that the quality of the work at abbGrowers is to the highest standard.

Standard packaging forms range from punnets, in 125, 150, 200 and 250 grams; with a lid or top seal, with or without insert, clamshell containers, to shakers or bulk packaging. The choice for top seal has the advantage that the product stays fresh longer because of the micro perforation for optimum air composition. In addition packaging  can be made according to customer wishes and specifications, or the customer can supply packaging.

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