Blueberries purchase and sales
Fred Douven is CEO of abbGrowers. He is also co-owner of blueberry grower Douven. Through his varied experience, Fred has extensive knowledge of the blueberry market and has built a vast network.
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Financieel directeurWhite and green asparagus purchase and sales
Harry Janssen is CFO of abbGrowers. Harry has extensive experience and contacts in the market of potatoes, vegetables and fruit, but his specialty is asparagus. He is also a financial expert, with years of experience in the accountancy profession.
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Blueberries and asparagus sales
Huub Welles is salesmanager at abbGrowers. He is responsible for the sales of blueberries, softfruit and asparagus. His knowledge and experience in the area of marketing, branding and sales is combined with his experience as grower and a vast network in (glass)horticulture.  Tel: +31 772300004 E-mail:


Blueberries and asparagus sales
Jeroen Knoops is salesmanager at abbGrowers for the products blueberries and asparagus. Jeroen has gained knowledge and experience in horticulture and grew up in a mixed agricultural company.
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salesBlueberries sourcing
Anneloes Engels is sourcing representative at abbGrowers. Besides her commercial experience in business, she has extensive knowledge of the agricultural branche, grown up in the asparagus cultivation.
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