abbGrowers donates blueberries on juice to Foodbank

In november abbGrowers has made a donation of more than 200 jars of blueberries on juice to the Foodbank in Venray. In this way we contribute to supporting people who have minimal financial resources and need help. The Foodbank helps these people with valuable food packages that include bread, meat, vegetables, dairy and other products.
abbGrowers hopes in this way to make people happy with these delicious blueberries on juice. Blueberries also contains many healthy ingredients such as antioxidants. But above all, we hope that people will enjoy these delicious blueberries.



Recipe delicious with blueberries on juice

Blueberries in light syrup also taste delicious in homemade cakes or desserts. If you do not have fresh blueberries or jams at home, these berries in  syrup are ideal. It’s easy to create a fresh taste and a colorful dish, such as this mini coconut-berrytrifle or monchou cake.



abbGrowers ambitious expansion

abbGrowers has outgrown her existing sorting and packaging capacity, based in Horst since 2015.

Renovation and expansion plans are ready and construction starts at the beginning of March 2019. The current production capacity will increase significantly. There will be 3 new sorting / packaging lines next to the current 2 sorting / packaging lines and the Marcoline.

With this expansion, abbGrowers can process the blueberries for large customers who demand large volumes and handle smaller volumes for the other customers as well, more fluently. Converting the lines for the different orders will result in less delays and we can switch even faster.
The office will also be housed at the packaging hall, on which 2 floors will be built.  The renovation and expansion will be carried out in such a way that the current production  continues normally.



Seasons  coinciding, complicates blueberry market

The last blueberry season experienced an unprecedented course:  seasons coinciding and lower harvest volumes

Late production Southern Europe
The blueberry supply from Spain and Morocco started late this year. As a result, we experienced problematic shortages at the end of March and early April.
At the moment that the volumes were available, everything came at the same time and the prices came under pressure.
For the Spanish growers the season was bad because the high prices from the start of the season could not compensate.

Early Serbian blueberry harvest
After the Spanish and Moroccan season, abbGrowers has been able to supply the blueberries of its Serbian growers. This first “Serbian” season that abbGrowers has now run under its own flag was characterized by a very early start. Already in the third week of May the production started,10 days earlier than normal. The first berries were of very good quality. Afterwards, a long period of rain resulted in a less good quality of the last 20% harvest by mid-June. We saw too many soft berries. Despite of that the Serbian growers had a good season.

Overproduction in July
At the end of June, all countries were in production. From Italy, Spain to the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. In the whole month of July there was an overproduction which caused prices to drop.
From the end of August it became clear that shortages would occur in the end of the Dutch season. In addition, supply from Argentina and Peru was also later. The low supply was accompanied by higher prices.
In week 38 the European season was over, four weeks earlier than last year.

“On average, production in the Southern European countries was 20% lower this year and 25-40% lower in the Northern European countries. I have never experienced this, “Fred Douven concludes. “The weather conditions caused a late start of the harvest in the south, and due to the high temperatures, northern countries followed earlier. The high temperatures also had a shorter production period as result.

The quality of the blueberry was good, but the dimensions lagged behind. The volume remained behind due to the smaller berries. The expectation is that 35 to 40% less is harvested in the Netherlands. In spite of that, the growers are generally satisfied because the maximum return has been achieved through good cooperation.”


abbGrowers at Asia Fruit Logistica

On 5-7 September 2018 abbGrowers will be present at the Asia Fruit Logstica in Hong Kong.
The place to be, to meet the buyers of Asian supermarkets. More than 13,000 buyers and visitors from more than 76 countries visit this exhibition.

In hall 5 booth S-16, abbGrowers shares the booth with Levarht.
Fred Douven can tell you everything about sorting and packing and delivering fresh blueberries all year round. He can inform you very well about the innovations  in fresh blueberries. Also about the latest developments in the processing of the blueberries into beautiful end products such as the 100% blueberry juice from our own brand b-berry.


Blueberry champion in antioxidants

The blue berry is rich in anthocyanins, the vegetable red, purple and blue dyes, one of the most important antioxidants of the blueberry.
Antioxidants protect tissues and the DNA in cells against free radicals. Free radicals can cause tissue and DNA damage. DNA damage can lead to cell aging and diseases.
A method for determining the antioxidant value of vegetables, fruit and herbs is expressed in ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). Blueberries have an ORAC value of at least 2400 per 100 grams. The table speaks for itself.


How blueberries ‘sell themselves’

Blueberries can literally sell themselves when they are of good quality and this is also clearly visible to the customer in the store.

The color of blueberries contrasts very well with the colors of the raspberries and blackberries. This is clearly visible in a mix packaging, but packaged blueberries do stand out even better alongside the individual packaged raspberries or strawberries and appeal to the customer.
Sales can also be boosted by offering companion items such as salads, yoghurt, crepes, shortcake or pie ingredients.


Blueberries on the rise

The supermarket turnover of blueberries continues to grow, according to data from Statistics Netherlands. Compared with 2013, it is an increase of 250 percent in 2017.
To meet this demand we see an expansion of the Dutch acreage in 2017 by 7%. And by 2018 an even stronger increase of the area by 17%, resulting in a total of 970 hectares. Since 2013 this is an increase of two thirds.
In addition, the import of fresh blueberries will also increase in 2017 to 9.8 million kilograms, an increase of 1.6 million kilograms compared to the previous year. For all details click here.


Visit abbGrowers at VEG

VEG. is an all new two-day business-event bij and for the FVP professionals, which takes place on June 20-21. A stimulating event in a raw Rotterdam location. Where creation, grit and success are the common denominators. It offers a pleasant mix of (cooking)demonstrations, workshops and stands. The event has a clear focus on specialized channels: the vegetable specialist, foodservices and influencers such as bloggers, vloggers en dieticians.
VEG. Is where stories about product and brands are shared, where ideas and (retail)concepts are bred and the changing landscape takes shape. A “live”information source” on health, origin and preparation. VEG. believes that everybody can be a fruit or vegetable hero. Through passion for fresh produce and trust in the course they have set. Real craftsmen and women. In VEG. choices will be made and that is the basis for success. We cordially invite you to our booth 176, if you are interested you will receive a registration code. Subscribe via e-mail:


We introduce:

The harvest season of blueberries  starts in the end of June and runs till the end of September in the Netherlands. On July 13th the opening of the season takes place. The location for this happening is Museum de Locht in Melderslo. It is possbible to visit the company of bueberry growers during the open day July 14th. You are als welcome at Douven Blauwe Bessen B.V.


We introduce:

In March Jeroen Knoops started as Sales Manager at abbGrowers. He will strengthen our sales team for the products: blueberries and asparagus. Jeroen has gained knowledge and experience in horticulture and grew up in a mixed agricultural company. You can contact him by telephone: +31 77 2300004 or by e-mail

Anneloes Engels has left the sales team and will mainly focus on the sourcing of the blueberries. Her telephone number is +31 77 2300001 and e-mail address is



7 health benefits of blueberries

On YouTube there are several videos that deal with the beneficial effects on your health by eating blueberries. Click here for the video with the 7 benefits for your health.



abbGrowers company in Serbia

In March of this year abbGrowers started its own cultivation company in Serbia.
Growers from this country have joined and are connected to the company abbGrowers Serbia.
In the period that in countries such as Spain and Portugal the blueberry season is over and the cultivation of Dutch soil has not yet started, our Serb growers can fill this period nicely.

abbGrowers will do the first quality check on the spot. So that the sorting and packaging process can be started quickly in our production facility in Horst.

“We are pleased with this step forward in the growth of our company. Continuity of fresh, high-quality blueberries is of great importance to us to be able to serve our customers even better, “says Fred Douven, CEO abbGrowers.


Blueberries, cherries and grapes second in cateringindustry

The use of fruit and vegetables outdoors,  in the catering industry has been checked by the Groente en Fruit Huis

The data show that companies are the largest buyers of fresh fruit.
They represent a value of 458 tons in euro.
In the second place comes the restaurant sector, followed by the accommodation sector.
In the total fruit and vegetable foodservice market, the berries, cherries and grapes are combined and represent a 14% share.
This is a value of 180 tonnes in euro in 2017. Of these, 118 tonnes in euros are fresh products and the remainder are frozen and preserved.
Citrus fruits make up the largest share with 26% and a value of 338 tonnes in euros


abbGrowers in the picture

Would you like to view our company in a nutshell? Then check the company movie that we had made.

How do the berries arrive in the supermarket shelf in the attractive packaging? Follow the process throughout the company.
Quality comes first in the process from start to finish. Using the most modern technology.


Blueberries consumption peak in the morning

The app FoodProfiler makes clear what will be consumed, by whom and when, according recent research from Wageningen University and Research.

The different consuming patterns between products are illustrated  with snacks (in general) and blueberry.
• Snacks are mostly consumed after15:00. A peak is between  21:00 and 22:00.
• Blueberrues are consumed during the whole day. With a peak in the morning between  09:00 en 11:00.

Consumers can fill in on the app FoodProfiler what they have eaten. With this app they receive random reminders to fill in what they have eaten the last 2 hours.

They fill in if they have a snack, having eaten main meals or lunch and what exactly they ate.
In this way we gain insight in the consumption of large groups of people: what is being eaten, by whom and when.

The FoodProfiler has been developed by Wageningen Economic Research. From 2015, the collection of date started in the Netherlands.

Source: Wageningen University & Research


Chef Rudolph van Veen and doctor Tamara de Weijer in booth abbGrowers

Chef Rudolph van Veen and doctor Tamara de Weijer,  ambassadors of the National Actionplan Vegetables and Fruits, will be present at the booth of abbGrowers during the Fruit Logistica on wednesday February 7th at 13.00 hrs.

Rudolph van Veen, known from TV  (24 Kitchen) will introduce you to the possibilities of blueberries in the culinary field. Tamara can inform you about the power of blueberries for your health.
You are most welcome in our booth B-09 in hal 3.2!


Visit abbGrowers at Fruit Logistica

abbGrowers will be present at the Fruit Logistica fair in Berlin, hall 3.2 stand B-09. We are happy to invite you to meet us there.

Everything in one hand
We are at your service and can explain everything and inform you about the possibilities of sorting and packaging blueberries and asparagus.
Deliveries take place all year round, because in addition to asparagus (white and green) and blueberries from Dutch soil we import from growers with whom we closely cooperate.

To go market b-berry
b-berry® appeals with the introduction of new smallpacks to the needs of customers for To Go snacking and the convenience market.
This is one of the many possibilities that we offer. Meet our salesteam: Fred Douven, Anneloes Engels and Huub Welles. They are looking forward to meet you.

Processed productrange b-berry®
You can taste the b-berry® range of processed products like jam, juice and liquor, right on the stand. Mery Douven is our specialist of these quality products.

Make an appointment with our salesteam tel. 077-2300001
Hal 3.2 Stand B-09



Blueberries in cosmetics

The new year has started. Do you have good intentions? Many people want to lose weight.  Everyone likes to look good. Cosmetic products responds to this.

Many people know that blueberries play an important  role in health.
What is not so well known is that blueberries also play a role in cosmetic products.

For example, the extract of blueberries is used in a series of foot, hand and body creams. The manufacturer says that the active properties of the blueberries, such as the high antioxidant content, has been preserved in the extract.

In addition to the mentioned care products, blueberries are also used in vitamins and supplements, make up, shower and shampoo products.



Most modern sorting and packing line  Europe at ABB Trading

The most modern sorting- and packing line of blueberries in Europe is recently installed at ABB Trading in Horst.

A new sorting- and packing line was purchased in order to meet the growing demand for blueberries. The new line will double the capacity. A packaging capacity of 3,600 / kg per hour in the packaging of 125 grams punnets can now be obtained.

The beauty of the new machine is that it can sort by diameter. The old machine could only sort by a diameter smaller than 10 mm. Now this can be done at any desired diameter. A major advantage is that a homogeneous product can be provided and the presentation looks much better. The expectation is that sorting by diameter will be the standard in a few years.

ABB Trading
Fred Douven

ABB Trading on Fruit Logistica

You can visit ABB Trading at the Fruit Logistica fair in Berlin on 8-10 February 2017. At this international fair, with 2.891 exhibitors and 70.000 visitors, every single sector of the fresh produce business is represented. This provides a complete picture of the latest innovations, products and services. It is also an opportunity for networking and contacts with decision-makers in every sector of the industry.