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Blueberries consumption peak in the morning

The app FoodProfiler makes clear what will be consumed, by whom and when, according recent research from Wageningen University and Research.

The different consuming patterns between products are illustrated  with snacks (in general) and blueberry.
• Snacks are mostly consumed after15:00. A peak is between  21:00 and 22:00.
• Blueberrues are consumed during the whole day. With a peak in the morning between  09:00 en 11:00.

Consumers can fill in on the app FoodProfiler what they have eaten. With this app they receive random reminders to fill in what they have eaten the last 2 hours.

They fill in if they have a snack, having eaten main meals or lunch and what exactly they ate.
In this way we gain insight in the consumption of large groups of people: what is being eaten, by whom and when.

The FoodProfiler has been developed by Wageningen Economic Research. From 2015, the collection of date started in the Netherlands.

Source: Wageningen University & Research


Bron: Wageningen University & Research



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