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Fred Douven, abbGrowers: "Insecurity hangs over blueberry market"

The blueberry market is currently very fragile, says Fred Douven of abbGrowers from Horst. "There are not enough workers available at the growers in Spain, but also in Morocco. This has an impact on availability and makes it very difficult to complete the programs."

"We closed the Chilean season well this spring, but when the Corona virus broke out, it had a major impact on the Spanish and Moroccan seasons. Growers with multiple crops, such as strawberries and blueberries, opt for the harvest product that is paid the best. At the same time we saw the transport price go up, although it is now fairly settled," says Fred.

"It is not the demand that is the problem, it is currently high. In every country in Northwest Europe there are blueberries on offer every week, but due to the uncertainty it is difficult to plan promotions. I therefore expect that prices, although they are now at a reasonable level, will continue to rise due to the uncertainty in the market. The whole market has become a kind of spot market. The weather in Spain is also not quite right, "says Fred.

For the time being, the supply still comes from the southern countries. abbGrowers will continue the berry season from week 23 with berries from Serbia, followed by productions from Dutch and Polish cultivation. "I sincerely hope that we will not face the same harvesting problems there," concludes Fred.

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Source:,  April 23rd 2020


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