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B-berry® blueberry juice from abbGrowers to Asia

AbbGrowers is a sorter and packer of blueberries, with many international contacts. We are also a grower and as the only grower in the Netherlands, we make our blueberry juice ourselves: the b-berry® juice, ”says Suzanne Douven, b-berry® marketing and research specialist at abbGrowers. "Our first delivery of this 100% pure blueberry juice to a customer in Taiwan has just been successfully received."

After the berries have been picked from the field, they arrive in the packaging hall of abbGrowers and are sorted there. With the most innovative machines, a distinction can be made between the different quality aspects of the blueberry. Such as the degree of maturity, color and size. Waste of berries is prevented because almost everything can be used that results from the sorting process. This releases a selection that is suitable for processing into jam or juice.

“The b-berry® juice is professionally pressed and bottled with advanced equipment. From 1 kg berries can be pressed 750 ml of b-berry® juice. The juice has a 100% blueberry content. Scientific research has shown that the health aspects in the b-berry® juice do not change during the processing process. In fact, the antioxidants even increase slightly during the heating process, "explains Suzanne.

“We deliver our juice to customers worldwide. For example, we recently delivered a nice order in Taiwan, ”says Huub Welles, sales manager at abbGrowers. “For the first order, 8 pallets of B-berry® 100% pure blueberry juice in 250 and 750 ml bottles. The customer was very positive about our product. They pay particular attention to the pure taste and the health aspects. In Asia, branding is very important and that also applies to our customers. The appearance of the product is almost as important there as the inside. Moreover, there is great confidence in Western products. We do not expect follow-up orders to last long. "

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