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abbGrowers: "our new own blueberry varieties are unique in the world"

The family businesses Douven and Driessen have been growing blueberries on a large scale since 1985. Working together in the abbGrowers company, the blueberries are sorted, packed and sold. Leon Driessen, co-owner Driesen Blueberries, explains the importance of having his own blueberry variety and how it came about.

The company Fall Creek Driesvenplant is engaged in propagating blueberry plants. "In the past we already had licenses for a number of blueberry varieties, but we did not have our own breeding program," says Leon Driessen. “When we were taken over by the American Fall Creek in 2018, which we had been working with for years, we got access to their breeding program. A unique, own variety program with the name Sekoya, is now only reserved for abbGrowers. The Sekoya program consists of three varieties.

We also have the rights to grow these varieties in other countries, including South Africa. We can grow there from September to December. That is very important to us. We now see that the import of blueberries is mainly horizontal across the globe, from South America to Western Europe. But in the future that will be more and more vertical, from South Africa to Western Europe, which will shorten the delivery times, which in turn will benefit the freshness of the product and thus the quality.

The choice for own varieties of blueberries gives a big lead to retail and customer. With its own variety program, abbGrowers can guarantee a constant taste experience, berry size, freshness and shelf life, ”Leon emphasizes.

We are going to market the Sekoya program under our own brand name of abbGrowers. So that the consumer who chooses this brand is always assured of blueberries with the same unique taste and quality. The consumer who chooses this brand will never be disappointed. The blueberries will always meet the expectations. Which means that repeat purchases of this brand will continue to follow. "


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