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abbGrowers launches the first plantation in the Netherlands of Sekoya blueberry

This week was the day. The blueberry plants of the Sekoya program are planted on the field near Horst. abbGrowers is the only Dutch company who has the Sekoya licence in the Netherlands.

The planting took place on a cold but beautiful day, the sun showed itself in a beautiful cloudy sky. That certainly ensured a good start for the plants. In the already prepared sand ridges, the plant holes were first made by the growers. Then it was time to put the plants in the ground, which is still real manual work. A final firm press and the plant can do its best. The best starting posiion for next year harvest and tasting of the first blueberries.

Why is abbGrowers so enthusiastic about Sekoya? Sekoya stands for two varieties of blueberries: Crunch and Grande. These varieties succeed each other in the two-month harvest period. The special thing about Sekoya is that this concerns blueberry varieties with distinctive characteristics that are important in the growing and sales. These blueberries excel in taste, size, shelf life and hardness. The last two properties in particular can mean a lot to broaden global sales.

abbGrowers now has a field where 4 hectares of plants have been planted. Another 10 hectares will be added next year. The expected production data shows that the plant is also promising in yield. After 5-6 years when the plant is in full production, it will reach 15,000 kg per hectare.

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