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Meet our bberry blueberry juice fan: family Funch

Tip from blueberry grower, family Funch: Glühwein with bberry blueberry juice

The Paula and Hendrik Funch family grow blueberries on the beautiful Gut Loy in Rastede, Germany. They also sell the bberry blueberry juice. They have been doing this for 5 years now. We are curious why they chose this juice.

Paula Funch makes time for us, in this busy growing period. She talks enthusiastically about her choice for the juice:

“There are several reasons for this. When we wanted to offer juice to our customers, we discovered that hardly anyone here in Germany produced blueberry juice. That's how we ended up at bbery juice. We thought the product was simply very tasty in terms of colour, smell and taste, so that we could also offer it to our customers with a good feeling.

With us and our customers, the juice is drunk throughout the day and not especially with a meal. What we also really like here in the winter is to combine the blueberry juice with alcohol and then drink it hot: a Glühwein of blueberry juice.

We also like to use the juice when making ice cream and when baking cakes as cake jelly.”



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