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Farewell to Hay Janssen, co-founder abbGrowers

Hay Janssen (CFO) said goodbye to abbGrowers on 28 September. Time for relaxation and travel has arrived. His retirement date had already passed for some time, but the drive to take on a nice challenge with Theo and Fred Douven and Leon and Marcel Driessen provided another 4 years with a lot of action.

In 2014, abbGrowers started its own sorting and packaging company for two blueberry growing companies (Douven Blueberries B.V. and Driessen Blueberries B.V.) in Melderslo. The need for more chain management, transparency and chain shortening, among other things by excluding chain partners without expertise or added value, has led to this initiative to market themselves. In the meantime, the growers network has been expanded and many relationships have been established.

Hay Janssen as CFO was, next to Fred Douven (CEO), the driving force in establishing and building abbGrowers. His hands on mentality, financial insight, vision and passion have shaped the young company. The resulting strong growth of abbGrowers became very visible with the relocation of the packaging hall at Fabrieksstraat 6 to Handelstraat 8 in Horst this year. There is sufficient space at the new location to at least five-fold the production capacity.

We sincerely thank Hay Janssen for the enormous contribution he has made to this wonderful company. abbGrowers at a completely new location with enormous potential, is on the map!

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