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How fresh do you want it? Blueberries from Dutch soil are coming!

abbGrowers will soon be supplying the blueberries of its own Dutch growers. Fresher than fresh. Because the lines are very short. We ask the growers about their expectations for the coming season.

We can say fresher than fresh because the lines are very short. Our growers bring the berries from Melderslo to Horst. A distance less than 4 km. At abbGrowers in Horst, the berries are immediately included in the packaging process. Quality inspections, checks and temperature control are all important steps that guarantee that not only the freshest but also the best quality blueberries are delivered.

Leon Driessen, co-owner of Driessen Blueberries in Melderslo owns an area of ​​70 hectares, 85 percent will be sold on the fresh market.

“It will be a normal season because we have not had any weather condition that has caused problems. Next week we will pick the blueberry variety Duke. That is a delicious, crunchy berry, "says Leon Driessen. “In the first week of July we will be fully operational with the picking. The bushes look great, they are full of blueberries. The quality also seems to be excellent, the berries look very good, there is no damage. ”

Mery Douven, co-owner of the company Douven Blauwe Bessen B.V in Melderslo, owns an area of ​​35 hectares. In addition to fresh blueberries, frozen blueberries and own traditionally processed products such as blueberry jam and juice are also sold.

"The fields are looking very good, if the weather stays good, we can fully start harvesting next week," says Mery Douven. “The berries are nice and thick and blue. If the weather gods are good to us and we don't get any hail or heavy showers in the coming period, this promises to be a very nice season. The blueberry plants look even better than last year. We had some problems with clogged irrigation hoses, at that time. Fortunately, that has been solved and the plants now look much stronger, "explains Mery.

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