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abbGrowers donates blueberry juice to Food Bank Limburg

Enjoying a delicious blueberry juice made from 100% blueberries
is something that makes everyone happy. Only not everyone can treat themselves to this.

That is why abbGrowers made a donation in November, just like last year, to the Food Bank in Limburg. Now 6 pallets with bottles of blueberry juice have been made available for distribution throughout Limburg. In this way we contribute to supporting people who are in a difficult financial period and need help. The Food Bank helps these people with valuable food packages that include bread, meat, vegetables, dairy and other products. abbGrowers hopes in this way that everyone can get to know this delicious blueberry juice. Blueberries also contain many healthy substances such as antioxidants. But it is above all it is great to enjoy  a delicious glass of blueberry juice.


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