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Consumers choose 95% blueberries and tagatesse in b-berry® fruit spread

Fruit spread from b-berry® contains 95% blueberries. Most fruit spread products have a fruit content of around 50%. This high content of berries combined with the natural sugar substitute tagatesse makes this a unique product. For the lover of a very pure, natural product but also for the consumer with lactose intolerance or diabetes.

"The fruit spread has been developed and tested by ourselves," says Suzanne Douven marketing and research specialist at abbGrowers. “Before producing the fruit spread we did a survey among consumers. We have done a taste test to add the right natural sugar substitute in our fruit spread. For this, we had the consumer taste fruit spread with different types of natural sugars. The consumer clearly preferred tagatesse.

Tagatesse is a natural sugar substitute, extracted from milk. Consumers with a lactose intolerance can take this natural sugar substitute without getting an allergic reaction. Tagatesse has a very low GI (the lower the glycemic index of a food, the slower it is converted into glucose), allowing consumers with diabetes to use b-berry® fruit spread.

During the production of b-berry® fruit spread, only natural products are added to sweeten and bind. This makes the fruit content enormously high, namely 95%.

The b-berry® fruit spread is filled into the jar at 80 degrees. The lid is immediately screwed on to ensure optimum shelf life. The shelf life of the b-berry® fruit spread is half a year, and it can be stored in the fridge for some time after opening. Hence our choice for a smaller content of 180 grams. "

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