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Fresh blueberries

Fresh blueberries, both conventional and organic, are delivered throughout the year. abbGrowers has been SKAL certified since 2017. In addition to the blueberries from our own cultivation from the Netherlands and Serbia, we also use the direct reliable contacts that abbGrowers has with foreign growers. In this way the lines remain short from grower to customer.

The freshness of the product is of great importance. The maintenance of the right temperature, to ensure proper cooling, is decisive for the quality. Therefore, it is closely monitored and maintained in every link of the chain. 

The cooling and thereby the freshness of the product is guaranteed. From the first step, the picking of blueberries in the field. Then the supply to the sorting and packing hall of ABB Growers. Until the last step when the product is transferred to the carrier who delivers to the customer. 

High quality freezing of blueberries

AbbGrowers is your partner for frozen (fresh) blueberries; IQF (Individual Quick Frozen)

One of our strengths is to freeze fresh blueberries, available all year round, fast and safe packaging. This is how we preserve the natural healthy characteristics of our blueberries. No loss of taste and nutritional values. AbbGrowers blueberries are frontrunners in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
Our frozen food factory has modern packaging lines, with latest technologies for metal detection and possibilities to sort by colour, shape and quality.
We pack and sort for the food industry, for repackers, bakery raw materials trade, food service and  juice-, marmalade- and smoothie manufacturers.

Our current packaging: 10 kg. cardboard box, 15 kg. cardboard box and 25 kg. paper bag.

abbGrowers aims for maximum customer satisfaction. We aim to provide our customers frozen blueberries that meet the highest safety and quality standards. Our production environments are certified according to internationally recognized standards (BRC/IFS/KOSHER) and at the same time meet the high food safety and HACCP standards.
We always go for the highest quality in word and deed; it is a combination of many years of expertise in the field of varieties and own cultivation plantations, drive and focus on taste & highest quality.
We are team players; we like to share our knowledge and experiences with our customers for a sustainable relationship.

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Processed blueberries

Not only fresh blueberries or frozen berries, but also processed products such as juice and jam are part of the supply of abbGrowers. B-berry's own quality brand is a distinctive top product through taste and quality. For large volumes you can contact us. For more information about these unique blueberry products, you can also find information on the b-berry website.

Innovative sorting

Sorting and packing blueberries and asparagus is the core business of ABB Growers. The latest machinery is used and innovative technological developments in the field of sorting and packaging are closely monitored, in order to respond to the desire of the customer and to ensure high quality shelf life.

Packing standard or custom

Standard packaging forms range from punnets, in 125, 150, 200 and 250 grams; with a lid or top seal, with or without insert, clamshell containers, to shakers or bulk packaging. The choice for top seal has the advantage that the blueberries stay fresh longer because of the micro perforation for optimum air composition.

In addition packaging  can be made according to customer wishes and specifications, or the customer can supply packaging.

Topseal packing
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Quality guaranteed and high traceability

Traceability of products, inside and outside the company, is ensured. Quality standards stipulated in BRC certification are reflected throughout the company, so that key players in the retail market at home and abroad can be assured that the quality of the work at ABB Growers is to the highest standard.


In addition to blueberries, abbGrowers also has the possibility to sort, pack and market asparagus. If you are interested, please contact our salesteam, tel. 0031 772300004.


We would love to hear your question or story. Are you interested in a cooperation as a grower, or are you interested in our blueberries? Please contact us.

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