Grower in Spain

“Plus Berries has chosen abbGrowers because they are growers like us. They understand our business and respect it. They have a big client portfolio, the same as we have in Plus Berries, but still pretty complementary. Of course there were some clients were we overlapped, but it was quite easy to agree amongst each other how to cope with that kind of issues and now we speak pretty openly about how to serve client X or client Y, from Spain directly, or through ABB and so on,” tells Roberto Arnal Müller van Plus Berries.

”There were several pros to work with abbGrowers, but the most important ones I think were the instant access to a 12 month sales structure and offer combined with the fact that we were even minded so understood the win-win situation. Also abbGrowers had packing facilities superior to our own, so we were able to offer to our existing clients new product presentations. As well I have to point out that the Netherlands is a logistic hub with huge potential. Fruit is at our clients' depots within hours or a day the most and that is also a huge benefit for our clients, therefore strengthens abbGrowers' and Plus Berries' position as a strategic partner for our clients.”

Furhtermore we really feel that we are part of the team. Although we do not participate in the day by day business of the sales team we still have every week an update and conversations with the sales team and exchange information about crop forecast and also agree and specific decisions regarding promotions for example.

We are in overall happy with the way the first season ended and our product has been appreciated. Even though it was a tough season, we believe that in bad moments a relationship shows whether it's worth it or not, and in our opinion abbGrowers has proven to have been a correct choice as partner.

Our future plans are to continue growing in our relationship with ABB, also in terms of planning production on the long term and variety based. We have both common interests and goals in this sense aiming to be able to offer a continuous offer 12 month the year with similar varieties that deliver a constant consumer experience to our clients, growing not only in already very developed markets such as Germany or Netherlands, but also in southern Europe,” concludes Roberto.